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Memorial Day Free Speech Victory!

(NOTE: I tried crossposting this item to the [info]liberal community, but it was rejected without explanation, though, as usual, it meets all guidelines for posting to that supposedly "open" community)

As a member of the board of the Sacramento County Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), I was honored to help bring about the Memorial Day VICTORY for free speech on the Capitol Mall medians that I describe in my 5 minute 44 second YouTube video at:

Memorial Day Free Speech Victory!

After telling the story of how the ACLU helped the Sacramento Coalition to End the War put up the Iraq Body County memorial, I end my video by asking the questions:

Aren't 120,000 white and red flags remembering the soldiers and civilians who have died in the Iraq War an appropriate memorial to the cost of war on this Memorial Day 2008? and

Shouldn't people in a free country have the right to express themselves on a large grassy median area leading up to the state capitol like the one you've seen in this video?

If you're interested in the sources I used for my video...

You can get more details about the Sacramento Coalition to End the War's fight to put up that flag display (and some still photos I used in my video) at: Flag Display Fight

You can find the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals opinion I quote in this video, Warren v. Fairfax County, 196 F.3d 186 (4th Cir. 1999) (en banc), at: Warren v. Fairfax County

You can find more information about the Iraq Body Count flag display pictured in this video at: Iraq Body Count

You can find video of the two sessions of the Sacramento City Council from which I took clips for my video at: May 13 Sacramento City Council session

And at: May 20 Sacramento City Council session

You can find the local CBS news affiliate story on the flag display from which I took a short clip for my video at: KOVR CBS 13 flag display story

Finally, as always, I appreciate all feedback :-)
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