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Can a Public Library Screw Your Constitutional Rights?

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Politicians often VOTE to screw folks' constitutional rights, but you don't often see them SAY they are doing it while they do it. In her statement caught here for which she later apologized, Sacramento City Councilwoman Bonnie Pannell revealed just such an attitude behind her vote to censor adults viewing constitutionally protected material using internet access in public libraries. You can see her statement (as well as a short clip of my appearance at the hearing) in my latest 1 minute 56 second YouTube video at:

Can a Public Library Screw Your Constitutional Rights?

If you prefer using an embedded video player:

For more information about the unconstitutional internet access policy adopted by the Sacramento Public Library Authority, see agenda item 7.1 and accompanying materials at:

Also, the Sacramento Bee coverage of the March 22, 2007 hearing of the Sacramento Public Library Authority was available at the time of this posting at:

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